The work to do of general accounting in the business

You are wondering or not sure about the work that general accountant must do in the business. Accountant ANZ would like to make suggestions for your reference:
– Check the invoice reasonably valid
– Check the terms of service.
– Check the balance between detailed and aggregated accounting data
– Check the ending balance is reasonable and match the detailed report.
– Monitor the management of fixed asset depreciation, allocation of tools and tools

– Declaration of taxes on a monthly, quarterly basis, tax declaration at the end of the year, tax finalization at the end of the year
– Track and manage debt in the business.

– Collect revenue and expenses in each period to make detailed reports

– Make quarterly, bi-annual and annual financial reports and detailed explanatory reports.

– Print detailed book and general ledger of the business as prescribed.
– Guidance on the handling and accounting of accounting operations.
– Participate in the coordination of inspection and inventory at the grassroots units.
– Statistics and synthesis of accounting data to the higher level when requested.
– To explain the data and supply dossiers and data to the tax offices and audit.
– Proposing and proposing corrective measures
– Store accounting data according to regulations.

Depending on the company and the business model, the work that each accountant has to handle varies. And to complete the position of general accountant, of course, you must understand the profound accounting skills, collation, analysis, cost calculation and accounting solutions are optimal Proficient in laws. You also have to master the use of computer software usually.

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