Presentation skills training program


✓ Be ready and confident for Presentation
✓ Understand the structure of effective presentations
✓ Applying well tips and principles in presentation such
as: putting shoes into the audience’s foot, diamond principle, 7/38/55 principle


✓ Overview of presentations.
✓ Professional presentation skills.
✓ Share presentation experiences from experts.
✓ Practice and fix errors.

Contact: 04 – 73038338 |0963866290(Ms.Huong)|912646535 (Ms,Huyen)

Course for Line/Shift Leaders in Samsung

Course results for line/shift leaders in Samsung SDV:

SDV built a new factory in Bac Ninh with 22,000 employees who conducted the course series in internal training projects together with GCCI’s training for more than 700 line/shift leaders, contributing to production line effective performance within 1 year of deployment.


Position of line/shift leaders is very important in the production company, plays a big role in completing the product quantity and quality. The course provided skills to better accomplish their work, improve produc- tion efficiency of whole factory.


✓ Team management skills
✓ Job guidance skills
✓ Skills to handle situations in the workshop

Contact: 04 – 73038338 |0963866290(Ms.Huong)|912646535 (Ms,Huyen)

Case study in courses for business owners


✓ More professional in skills to set priorities and time management.
✓ R apidly increasing potential customers and skills to change them into customers.
✓ Developing loyal customers, creating profits and keeping customers often visit.
✓ Differentiating between cash flow and profit margin..
✓ Recruiting, developing and keeping good personnel.
✓ Create a system that allows corporates to work
well without your direct presence.


6 Steps: You want to make more profit? You want to control time better? You want to train and retain good employees? 6 steps SUCCESS shall answer yours. Then you shall know how to”OWN” instead of” EMPLOYMENT “for your business, take advantage of time to maximize efficiency and profitability … especially a commercial, profitable, synchronous operation corporate is being developed without presence of business owners.

TEL: 04 – 73038338 |0963866290(Ms.Huong)|912646535 (Ms,Huyen)

Khóa học dành cho khối sản xuất

Mục tiêu:

✓ Bổ sung kiến thức về các quy trình, kĩ năng trong việc quản lí công việc: Kaizen, Hourensou…
✓ Áp dụng kiến thức đã học vào cải tiến hiệu quả công việc.

Nội dung:

✓ Chuẩn hóa thao tác công đoạn.
✓ Tính toán năng suất dây chuyền sản xuất
✓ 7 loại lãng phí & 7 công cụ IE cải tiến hiện trường sản xuất.
✓ Quản lí và giám sát sản xuất
✓ Chu trình PDCA trong sản xuất.
✓ Hourensou (báo cáo – liên lạc- thảo luận) trong sản xuất

✓ Kĩ năng hướng dẫn công việc trong sản xuất
✓ Tổng quan Kaizen -5S
✓ Kĩ năng giải quyết vấn đề trong sản xuất
✓ Kĩ năng mềm cho tổ trưởng, quản lí trong sản xuất

Liên hệ: 04 – 73038338 |0963866290(Ms.Huong)|912646535 (Ms,Huyền)