GCCI – Plan to organize training courses for people with disabilities

Wishing to contribute to building the country and sharing support with the difficulties of people with disabilities, GCCI is developing a plan to organize training courses for people with disabilities.

To better implement and expand the program, GCCI calls for support from businesses, individuals and non-governmental organizations for this activity. The program is aimed at the following main contents:

1. Object of training

The subjects that GCCI will receive for training are individuals who have all of the following:

– A person with a disability or restricted mobility

– There is wisdom and movement in the normal hands

– Desire to learn the profession to live useful

– Hardworking, honest and have good professional ethics

2. Training content

GCCI will focus on training the trainees on low to high level training programs, ensuring that trainees can confidently become accountants in certain positions after completion of the program. .

3. Training time

The training time depends on the level of each trainee. GCCI will program for each group of qualified learners.

4. Training location

GCCI will train at the company office or other location sponsored by the sponsor.

5. Contact

All contact information on registration, proposals for cooperation, sponsorship please contact us:

GCCI Consulting and Training Co., Ltd

Telephone: 04.355 05 175 (meet Ms Huyen)

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