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Recipient service provides accounting software for companies

The importance of the accounting apparatus Duc Thanh Professional Accountant provides accounting software for companies with competitive prices and ease of use.  Depending on the size and area of operations, the accounting department can be divided into sections such as debt and payroll accounting, material cost accounting, cost accounting, accounting, accounting Governance … The reason […]

Tax services, accounting

Implementing tax procedures is the responsibility of every business. However, in the present mechanism, the existence and development of enterprises are under pressure in many aspects. The legal documents (VBPL) in general, the tax field in particular complicated and frequently changing companies take a lot of time to learn, grasp and apply in a timely […]

GCCI – Plan to organize training courses for people with disabilities

Wishing to contribute to building the country and sharing support with the difficulties of people with disabilities, GCCI is developing a plan to organize training courses for people with disabilities. To better implement and expand the program, GCCI calls for support from businesses, individuals and non-governmental organizations for this activity. The program is aimed at […]